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There is no doubt that St. Vlas is one of the most fascinating and attractive spots along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, where you could spend one unforgettable summer. The town enjoys very beautiful sights which would leave any connoisseur of nature breathless. Here you will find so many places suitable for romance where you can seclude yourself with a beloved person, so many modern places, where you can relax, so many interesting dining places and excellent restaurants that you won’t have sufficient time to visit them all.  In recent years St. Vlas has been turned into one of the most splendid and preferred vacation places, which is by no means accidental. The town simply succeeded to modernize and offer to its guests all they need, in order to spend a great summer vacation.

What could a fascinating place like St. Vlas offer to you?

What actually makes a place suitable to spend your holiday there?

As far as the summer holiday is concerned, it is most important to enjoy the proximity to the sea coast, to hear the sea waves spilling over the beach and see the unique turquoise color of the sea.

The beaches, they are another particularly important part to spend your time well. Luckily, St. Vlas can boast with some of the most spacious, clean and golden coast lines in the country. The best thing is that the pretty coastal town will also offer a number of excellent places to you, where you could settle. There’s only one thing you could do, choose that spot which offers the most comfortable setting and the best prices.


Magnificent vacation and comfort in St. Vlas!


To ensure a comfortable mood is an obligatory and even essential part of organizing you current year holiday. Believe me that you will need comfort. After all, here you won’t be at home, so that it would be best for you to find out a spot that offers as many amenities as possible, to be able to relax and enjoy your holiday. Fortunately, St. Vlas is a place that will offer you a number of accommodation options. The issue is to discover the most suitable nook for you.


Budget has an essential role in planning each holiday. Therefore, when you plan your holiday, vacation or excursion for a couple of days, the ratio between coziness, comfort, location, amenities and price is of essential significance.  For some people proximity to the sea is the most important criterion, while others prefer a more secluded place to relax. It’s impossible to please everyone but at least we could try. A place such as Africana Hotel in St. Vlas is a definitely convenient and pretty nook that you can come across.

Since the establishment of the hotel, until now, we have welcomed thousands of customers. Many of our guests visit us regularly each summer.  Certainly, there are also dissatisfied people but we are striving to make them remain even less and we can boast that we are successful. And you, who are reading this article and wondering whether to visit this wonderful spot or pass it by, I would tell you that there are few places in Bulgaria that so efficiently combine domestic coziness and contemporary amenities, the coolness and luxury of a paradise garden and extensive beaches with golden sand, just as Africana hotel combines them in a unique and incomparable manner. There’s no way to believe all this, if you don’t check it up yourself. There are so many tiny elements that could not be delivered by descriptions. They should be seen, touched, smelled and tasted! They must be felt by all the senses, here, on the spot, with us in Africana Hotel - St. Vlas!

St. Vlas is a place where there is something for everybody. Here, young people will have fun and entertainment until dawn in the marvelous discos. For those who are more sedate, there are a number of beautiful places to seclude themselves, as well as cozy restaurants to have tasty dishes or simply to relax.


Welcome with us!

Africana Hotel – St. Vlass